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shikamaru317 said:
Runa216 said:

Fixed what? we're 5 years into the gen and I highly doubt they have time to fix their problems before the next Xbox comes out. 

What do you mean? They have plenty of time to fix the lack of RPG's problem next gen. inXile has been working on Wasteland 3 for a couple of years now, will very likely end up being Xbox/PC exclusive now. Obsidian meanwhile has 2 teams, 1 is doing a game for Take-Two which MS will likely let them keep developing for Take-Two, though they may buy the publishing rights to it from Take-Two and make it exclusive. The 2nd team meanwhile can get to work on a new game for next gen now that will be ready by 2021 or 2022 most likely. Then we have Playground's 2nd studio, who is supposedly developing the next Fable, they started on it last year so it will likely be ready by 2021 as well. 

And yet the console continues to not get exclusives, continue to sell less than the Ps4 and Switch, and continues to devalue itself by allowing users to play its 'exclusives' on PC. What value does an Xbox HAve anymore? 

They can talk all they want about these new studio acquisitions and the future but they have to give me something NOW. They've not given me anything of value for years now and the only reason my Xbox One gets use is because my roommate really loves Forza and the Youtube app. So what gives you the impression we can trust Microsoft to not screw it up? I mean, they have RARE under their belt and when was the last time Rare made a good game? They were still working for Nintendo.  

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