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Snoopy said:
Runa216 said:

Fixed what? we're 5 years into the gen and I highly doubt they have time to fix their problems before the next Xbox comes out. 

Next Xbox will do better automatically if they don't include any peripheral and the same price as PS5. If next Xbox dominates North America and U.K. they automatically win in the console space.

I have a very hard time believing that Microsoft will ever do as well as the Xbox 360 again. The first Xbox didn't sell all that well, the 360 sold well mostly due to how terribly the PS3 was doing (No other console manufacturer would get away with something like the Red Ring of Death and live to tell about it), and the second half of last gen somehow let Ps3 win overall. 

So Xbox wasn't putting out exclusives or making much ground for the second half of last generation, went into this generation with terrible PR and marketing, and have continued to spend the last 5 years not offering anything of value outside of Game Pass; what makes you think that they've earned consumer trust? 

So far this year they have 1 quality exclusive (Forza Horizon 4) compared to PS4's 14 games and the Switch's 8. (That's games with a 75 average or higher with 20 reviews or more on Gamerankings. PC multiplat and last-gen remasters DO count. However, if we're going by JUST PURE exclusives, then the numbers go: 0 for Xbox One, 6 for PS4, and 2 games on Switch). My point is, you're being awfully optimistic when it comes to this stuff. 

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