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Snoopy said:
Runa216 said:

Fixed what? we're 5 years into the gen and I highly doubt they have time to fix their problems before the next Xbox comes out. 

Next Xbox will do better automatically if they don't include any peripheral and the same price as PS5. If next Xbox dominates North America and U.K. they automatically win in the console space.

They win compared to now. Doesn’t mean they’ll beat Playstation though. They’ll probably never do that again. Last gen 360 was dominating in the US. They sold 50 million in the US, yet only 35 in the rest of the world. Sony would need a huge fuck up for MS to regain that ground and even then, XBox simply doesn’t have the popularity worldwide.

I’d definitely hope MS will start to be competitive again, that would be enough. Dominating is very unlikely as things are now.

I’m really a bit disappointed with this event. Seems like they’re totally focusing on luring people into GamePass. I somehow expected more than a glorified promotional event.