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crissindahouse said:
EricHiggin said:

Top 10 auto manufacturers based on revenue 2017.

Mostly mass produced 'garbage'. No Ferrari or Lambo in this list either.

Not sure why you compare videogames with cars 99.9% of people can't afford which is the reason for the low sales but I'm sure even with higher revenue Ferrari or Lamborghini wouldn't be in the list because they are part of  FIAT  Chrysler Automobiles and the Volkswagen Group so that the revenue of them is included in the top 10 at place 7 and 2

BMW is owned by Daimler. BMW is 9th on the list and Daimler is 3rd. BMW has a rev of 111 billion and Ferrari has a rev of 4.0 billion.

The point is when you want to make something of the upmost quality that stands above the rest, it means you have to sacrifice something, and typically that's overall wealth. Ferrari and Take Two (Rockstar) prove you can take more time and create the best while remaining extremely well off.