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shikamaru317 said:
Darc Requiem said:

He's the guy that actually produced a game. Nomura spent 7 years on the and had nothing to show for it but trailers. It's crazy to me that the guy that was brought in to clean up his mess and produced a game in 3 years is gone. Good luck FFVII fans good old Nomura is in charge of the FFVII Remake. You all are about to get Duke Nukem Forever'd

You can't really blame Nomura for that. For starters, the delays back when it was on PS3 were because they were waiting on technology to evolve enough to make the game possible. Secondly, Square works Nomura like a slave, they have him directing multiple games at a time usually, while also doing character designs for numerous other games. In total, he is credited for working on 25+ games during the years while Versus 13/XV was being directed by him (including 7 other directorial credits), It's a small miracle that Nomura hasn't totally buckled under the pressure that Square's execs place on his shoulders. Tabata may have managed to finish the game, but he also totally botched it in the process, destroying many things that Nomura had planned and releasing the game in an unfinished state. I'd rather have a game that takes a long time and is done right, like RDR2, than a rush job like Tabata's FFXV personally.

Botched what? Versus XIII never entered anyone outside of SEs hands. Its vapour ware, we have no idea what the game would have been like. This is all we have and its certainly not proof of anything  

Y'all are bickering as if SE hasn't been in a state for much of the last 10 years of FF, clearly the problem is bigger than any one director/producer.