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Eagle367 said:
xl-klaudkil said:

Thats quit expensive,the ps4 and x1 also got the shame physical version as switch and only cost 38 euros wirh 1080p 60fps

You can't make a 1 to 1 comparison like that since the port takes resources to build. The thing that annoys me though is that there are no big discounts for even 3rd party switch ports. Skyrim is still full price in Canada. So is doom which is ridiculous, I was hpohop to buy them later because broke uni student but they are not dropping in price like they do usually

Doom and Skyrim were both reduced by 20% on the eShop not too long ago here in Europe , keep in mind it's possible on the switch to have eshop accounts from around the world you can be rather thrifty if you eShop around..... The globe

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