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irstupid said:
Ultravolt said:

I've heard nothing but good things when it comes to this port. I just watched the whole video, and it seems like it sits comfortably between last gen and current gen. Better resolution and a more stable frame rate make this port a winner, imo! That $60 price tag is really holding me back from picking it up, though.

Try and buy everything this game comes with and tell me the price.

I was tempted to try to get into Diablo 3 again not to long ago. I already own the base game and the prices of expansions still being what they were made me pass.


Prices on PC right now:

Base: $20.00
Exp 1: $20.00
Exp 2: $15.00

That is $55.00 to get what you get on the Switch for $60.00

Thats quit expensive,the ps4 and x1 also got the shame physical version as switch and only cost 38 euros wirh 1080p 60fps


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