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Hiku said:
Ultravolt said:

I've heard nothing but good things when it comes to this port. I just watched the whole video, and it seems like it sits comfortably between last gen and current gen. Better resolution and a more stable frame rate make this port a winner, imo! That $60 price tag is really holding me back from picking it up, though.

Just an FYI, this game includes the Reaper of Souls expansion which retailed for $40 when it launched, which was probably the main thing that 'saved' Diablo 3 and made it a viable and fun game. They took a very different direction at first. The Switch version also contains the Necromancer DLC, which otherwise costs $15.

I can understand the higher pricepoint when it's both a proper port and contains all the extra content.
Diablo can be pretty fun. Especially when playing with friends.

Yeah, I was aware of the additional content, I just didn't know their value. Thanks for letting me know! Honestly, I'll probably end up buying the game regardless of the price. The more I see of it, the more I want to play. Looks like a ton of fun!