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irstupid said:
pitzy272 said:

I hate politics and follow them very little other than what I see on this site or in headlines, but I’m curious why you say he’s an asshole? I mean, other than all politicians being such. The little I have heard about Kavanaugh was fairly positive. 

Didn't you know that he raised his voice and was angry at people during an all day hearing where he was accused of rape and other sexual offenses that he did not do.

Clearly that is a sign of an asshole, possibly a sociopath. (him raising his voice and getting angry humanized him personally. Anyone who coudl go through all he did and not get angry is someone to be wary of imo.)

Reminds me of the interview where Soros is asked about how horrible it must have been to help confiscate property from the Jews in WW2 . He shrugs it off and smiles as he's saying it wasn't a big deal. Ya, that's a class act right there that you would want deal with or aspire to... not. A kid or not at that time, he should feel guilty to some degree now, which he says he doesn't.

Watch the movie Gladiator, and pay attention to Maximus (Russell Crowe) when he's wronged in the most horrific ways, multiple times. What you'll see is Kav at the Ford hearing. Both men of the strongest morals and integrity, who were pushed beyond limits no person worthy of being called a human being could fully control. *Some spoilers in what is said in these clips*

If you've never seen Gladiator, watch it anyway, it's an amazing film, and full of life lessons.

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 05 November 2018