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VAMatt said:
EricHiggin said:

No, but I've watched a campaign play through and seen enough game play and still aren't impressed. A similar excuse has constantly been made since D1. Have you seen what they changed this time? You gotta try it out!

I as well as many others are either completely done with the nonsense, or are at least going to wait to see which path they finally decide to stick with, and then decide if it's for us. Upgrading is normal, and some changes are acceptable, but completely changing the game every year is ridiculous. After this long, they should have found their way and just been upgrading and tweaking. While they are at it, they should try a Halo approach too, because why not at this point?

I can't really wrap my head around what you're saying. I'm not aware of any major changes in Destiny ever, and I've been  playing (off and on) since midnight release of the first game.  there have been tweaks and upgrades and minor changes along the way, mostly for the better.

I think there were a fair number of minor changes made between the final version of Destiny 1 and the launch version of Destiny 2, such that the latter was nowhere near as good as the former.  But, in the 14 months since, they have continued with minor changes and tweaks and now have the series in its best state ever.

The game certainly is not for everyone, as is the case with any video game. But, it's not something that anybody has ever needed to make excuses for. It's one of the most popular titles of the decade, has respectable reviews, and has a massive player base.

I started playing a couple months after the D1 launch. I played a lot initially, but less and less as time went on. Dark Below was the first kick in the nuts. By Taken King it kept me playing somewhat and gave me some hope, but obviously didn't matter all that much based on ROI and D2. Your right, they haven't really made excuses, they instead just took a giant leap towards what seemed to be the inevitable, and gave the game away for free.

D2 daily player count tripled when Forsaken released, which was also when it became free on PS+, which was approx 4 million players at that time apparently based on the article. As of yesterday, 2 months later, it's at 2 million.

Your entitled to like Destiny, by all means, I'm just saying I think the earlier post was trying to say a different approach would be better for the franchise, and I agree with that, if it meant a longer, stronger campaign with separate PVP, and drop PVE if they can't make it fun and exciting.