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VAMatt said:
EricHiggin said:

I assume what they mean is instead of a short, debatable quality campaign, with PVE tied in and PVP separate of that, they should just have a long, strong, high quality campaign, with PVP separate and drop PVE. Which would be a lot more like what Halo was, which is what Bungie is great at. I myself would also prefer using a Halo approach to the Destiny franchise, because the PVE I've found pretty stale from the very start, unless they can find a way to really spice it up.

Have you played the game since the last major DLC? 

It certainly isn't a linear, Halo-like campaign.  But, the PvE is, IMO, the best it has been since launch of the original game.

No, but I've watched a campaign play through and seen enough game play and still aren't impressed. A similar excuse has constantly been made since D1. Have you seen what they changed this time? You gotta try it out!

I as well as many others are either completely done with the nonsense, or are at least going to wait to see which path they finally decide to stick with, and then decide if it's for us. Upgrading is normal, and some changes are acceptable, but completely changing the game every year is ridiculous. After this long, they should have found their way and just been upgrading and tweaking. While they are at it, they should try a Halo approach too, because why not at this point?

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 03 November 2018