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MichiGen said:

I thinks PS4 has 70% of the sales outside Japan. Total for PS4 is around 8.2 million I'd think. 2.5 million is divided between Xbox and PC. 

My expectation:

PS4: 8.2 million

PC: 1.5 million 

Xbox: 1 million


Thus game is more popular in countries where Xbox is weak. 

PC version already sold between 5 - 10 millions according to stats from steamspy 

Steamspy is useless since steam changed the profile privacy or whatever it was so they can't get accurate numbers anymore, the pc release is no where near 5m sold.

The game had 8.3m shipped before the PC version launched, so it's impossible for the PC version to be above 2.3m.

I'd put the figures at around.

PS4 - 8m

XBO - 1m

PC - 1.7m