after a bit of searching online the only things I could find about with him and coworkers were generally not great or super friendly

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He’s a harsh taskmasker and his co-workers live in awed fear of him.

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Continuing our focus on the slightly darker side of Shigeru Miyamoto, by all accounts the man may not the playful, elfin creature the public knows behind the scenes. While not mean-spirited, Miyamoto allegedly doesn’t spare feelings and is known to callously toss out huge amounts of work if he feels a game isn’t shaping up right.

Miyamoto’s coworkers have come to refer to this as “upending the tea table,” a reference to Japanese comic Star of the Giants, in which a hot-headed father would often flip the family’s tea table in a rage. This fate most often seems to befall Zelda games, as Miyamoto infamously threw out large chunks of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, resulting in numerous setbacks and delays. Basically, if you work for Miyamoto, you do it right or you can be damn sure you’re doing it over.

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