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SvennoJ said:

1.HDR has a much bigger impact than a higher pixel count.
2.Anyway bring on the game, will pick it up tomorrow. Without HDR providing any benefits I won't have to bother removing the breakout box every time. hdmi 1.4 is plenty for 4k checkerboard.


1. To a degree I guess. Hey, the resolution is the bone of the IQ. I guess nobody here is rockin on the 100' 4K TV, but it does matter. 

Also, HDR is not perfect in many TVs, I would say only few a premium TVs do it right.Moreover, HDR is not properly implemented in many games - yes, I look at u TloU Remastered. From what I read, the HDR in RDR2 is OKish, just like it should be.U even have the calibration of the effect, I would kill for it in many PS4 games.

2. Any benefits... Look, HDR is an addition. The image is not better or worse - it's different.