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Replicant said:
Enemy said:
It's not like Venom is any good or making money. It only made a pathetic 300 million in 10 days with an atrocious audience rating of 89% and a B+. Before the movie was revealed everyone said Venom without Spiderman would be impossible and they were right.

Yeah, Sony should give the Venom and Carnage IP back to Disney so Disney can have a monopoly and so Marvel can make it R rated and gory. Marvel has a great track record with R rated horror movies. It would be awesome to see Carnage ripping out people's intestines while Captain America and Spiderman watch in shock. Marvel would totally allow it if enough internet nerds attack them on social media and ambush them in airport restrooms.

Gold post.

IKR? Can't wait to see Carnage stab push people and decapitate push people and maybe if we're lucky, we'll get to see a really gruesome scene of Carnage ripping someone in half and then devouring them pushing someone.

He's wrong BTW, Marvel/Disney already said they'll let Deadpool remain R-rated in the MCU (the way it should be) and they have R-rated Netflix shows for Punisher and DareDevil.  Not only that, but Wesley Snipes is in talks of bringing Blade to the big screen for phase 4 with TWO potential projects and there's no way in hell he'll agree to any less than the R rated goriness the series is known for, so they've already proven to be more trustworthy with handling ADULT properties than Sony. Nice try, though. 

Seriously, this is worse than the trash bag-wearing poor man's Imhotep Dr. Doom in Fant4shit in terms of character bastardization, and believe me, that's saying a lot.

Last edited by KManX89 - on 19 October 2018