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RolStoppable said:
A link to the thread in question would be nice.

This is the answer you are looking for, OP.

You can link threads and even individual posts.  You can even create a thread where you invite those posters to a helping of delicious crow, if it's done in good taste and isn't spiteful.

Many people here just like to root for (and against) their favorite (or most despised) console.  Their opinions are often remembered and their predictions and judgments are taken with heavy doses of salt.

Some of these comments are off the cuff and they may have even forgot they made them

Here, I'll apologize.  Right after Labo was announced a thread came out asking which would sell more, Labo or God of War.  I was feeling cheeky so I chose Labo in the poll and probably in the thread as well.  We all get it wrong sometimes, even publishers and developers.