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In terms of story Wolfenstein 2 is vastly superior, but that's not what Doom is openly going for anyway. Wolf 2 also has a better framerate on average.
DOOM shines through gameplay. Level design, Gunplay, Music, all of these IMO are better in DOOM as opposed to Wolf 2.
Also feel like DOOM fits the Switch better when handheld mode is considered.

If you're talking technically, that's up for debate.
I'd suggest anyone interested in that look up both DigitalFoundry videos of these games and come to their own conclusion since most of it is based on what you prefer to lose, (Visuals or framerate) and how far you'd go in either direction to still consider the game as enjoyable.

To answer the question...i can't pick. If i was forced to, i'd probably give DOOM the edge just for the gameplay and handheld aspects.