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starcraft said:
Faelco said:

It doesn't beg any question if you're smart enough to read the threads about the subject, and read the numerous plot-related reasons why some people found the movie weak (and without any connection with races or gender).

What's next? "You're a Russian troll if you didn't like the last Fantastic Four movie, just because there was a black guy in it"? Or in video games, people who didn't like The Order 1886 are just racist bigots who hate it because the game director is from Sri Lanka? It makes perfect sense, sure. 

People turning down legitimate concerns about the movie by saying "you're a troll" are just too limited to be able to understand how criticism and debate work. 

Fair point, I chose my words poorly. Disliking the film is one thing. I generally liked it, but despised the unnecessary side-quest designed to flesh out new characters.

People claiming it was a failure in any real financial or commercial sense on the other hand, are trolling or have their head in the sand - and there is plenty of that in this thread.

Aren't a lot of people just saying it was a failure for the Star Wars franchise compared to the other movies? Can you give them that?