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John2290 said:

I thought the Go was great too until I bought a pro and downloaded a 5k VR video. Now PSVR beats everything in terms of porn and 180 degree videos. Maybe the Odessy on a beastly PC can do better but the screen is the limitation on Vive and Oculus. The more pixels you add to PSVR for porn videos the better it looks, the others cap and the Go can't seem to handle much over 1440p with a dtable framerate which starts to look like dog shite after viewing 4k and above

So how do you play 5k videos (5160x2880 = 14.9 MegaPixels) on your PS4 Pro?

As far as I know the limits of the PS4 Pro are 8.3 MegaPixels, so 3840x2160 with 16:9 aspect or 4080x2040 with 2:1 aspect.