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the-pi-guy said:
potato_hamster said:

Look, the writing is on the wall and it's not good. Oculus's next two headsets are standalone units. It appears they might have given up on PC-powered units altogether and are now focusing on affordable standalone units. 

The Oculus Quest which was just announced, was shown off as a prototype 2 years ago.  And they've been talking about it since.  

It's not something that came out of the blue because of poor rift sales.  

Additionally, after the Rift came out, Oculus talked about their 5 year plans for a Rift successor.  

potato_hamster said: 

let's be clear, I think VR, as it always has been, is here to stay. You'll keep seeing more VR headsets released over the years, and a steady stream of VR games that almost no one will buy and almost no one will play. But it just simply isn't ready for mainstream today. It's still very much an "early adopter" device and it doesn't look like it's crossing into crossing over into mainstream gaming any time soon. I think VR is just going to cater to it's hardcore niche fanbase, and I think companies like Sony and MS are just going to give up the market to these smaller players as it's becoming increasingly clear it just isn't worth their time. Just like EVE Online, there's nothing wrong with having a small, hardcore, dedicated fanbase. I just think VR enthusiasts need to accept that thats far more likely the future of VR than, as some have suggested, having GTA VI being a VR exclusive.

So do you think VR will ever be mainstream and when do you think that it'll?  

@bold, and I do.  I know that it's incredibly likely that VR will be dropped.  

It doesn't seem a bit strange to you that Oculus is releasing two stand alone VR headsets within a year of each other?

No, I don't think VR will ever be mainstream. I've always seen at as a niche experience. It's incredibly appealing to VR enthusiasts and not really worth it for everyone else.  Most gamers spend less than $200 on their game consoles. I just don't see it ever being worth the price tag to those people.