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Kerotan said:
Lads I'm talking about the uniformed less hard-core Gamer who might be thinking of getting a pro or a ps4. Obviously they won't directly pick this random quote up but if all the mainstream media picks this up and word spreads amongst the casually informed consumer they might be put off buying a ps4. Just a thought. Imo Sony would be better saying nothing to the media until they are ready to announce. Now maybe they want Microsoft to think they're coming sooner then they are. Possibly forcing ms to jump the gun too soon after the xbox x.

MS just announced xCloud. Their future streaming plans. Just by chance... PS right now makes it clear that next gen hardware will be necessary. PS is simply trying to make XB look bad. MS says our future tech is streaming, which you all know won't be quite as good as dedicated hardware, even though it'll be much cheaper, and PS is saying your going to need even stronger hardware than you have now, for the games that are coming in the future, regardless of the price. This is PS flexing a bit, sort of like when the PS4 was announced and performed better than the XB1 media box strategy. It's also PS trying to get early mind share when it comes to next gen and how streaming won't be enough to properly enjoy those future games, so they seem to be hinting. It also makes me think PS isn't going to release a streaming only box anytime soon.