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LivingMetal said:

 Sony president on PS4 successor: “It’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware”

Early indications reportedly claim future PlayStation is not a major departure.

Sony president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has suggested that the company is planning the release of a next-generation PlayStation.

“At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware,” Yoshida told Financial Times. He declined to formally name the future console “PlayStation 5.”

Yoshida’s comments were in response to debate over how Sony should address the rising global smartphone games market and the shifting habits of consumers as it readies game studios and the global market for a PlayStation 4 successor.

Financial Times relayed rumors within the industry that Sony might also be planning a tablet that would connect to multiple devices “as online streaming of games becomes more widespread and the company seeks to derive ever greater synergies between its games and movie divisions.”

The publication also cited “people in the games publishing industry with knowledge of Sony’s plans for a future console” who said early indications were that the next-generation PlayStation might have a similar fundamental architecture to PlayStation 4 and not represent a major departure from the console.

Back in April, several game development sources indicated that a PlayStation 5 would not release until 2020 at the earliest.

At my rate, I don't see myself buying the new PlayStation less than three years after its release.

thank you Sony

God bless You.

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

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