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Peh said:
Errorist76 said:


My point was that it’s hard to take people serious, who like you said “just have no interest in VR”. Those, in most cases, are people with prejudices. Why would you dismiss something without having even tried it? I’m speaking from experience btw. I know these stories. I was sceptical myself, man I know a lot of people who had the idea that “it’s just a screen strapped to your face” until they tried it. I just think it’s sad people react like that, when it’s imho literally the most exciting thing that’s happened to gaming in a long time. But that’s just the nature of’s almost impossible to advertise it, so it’s going to take much longer than it usually would.

Exactly. Just looking at YouTube where people are using them doesn't give much of a clue of how it really feels. It's one of the things you have to try to really appreciate the tech in it. The moment I tried out the Vive and saw how perfectly it all worked together and how it felt, I was purely amazed. 

You know there’s always room for improvement, always will be..but as someone who started gaming with an Atari 2600 I cant help but feel amazed with what we have already.