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potato_hamster said:
This'll be the same ol' horse and pony show. You're looking at slightly improved specs that only a handful of games that will take advantage of, better battery life, maybe a larger screen with a smaller bezel. Nintendo painted themselves into a corner by making the Joycons a certain size and by making games that require their use exclusively.

It doesn't have to be. Every Switch game has to be scalable by default and already has two graphic presets. Adding a third preset for the docked mode of a stronger Switch (f.e. dynamic 1080p or native 1080p) shouldn't be that hard for developers.

In portable mode Nintendo could offer  the choice between the old docked mode (better graphics) or the old undocked mode (better battery life.

A Switch mini with integrated sticks and buttons would be able to use standard joycons as accessories in tabletop mode or TV mode (wireless connection) and be 100% compatible to the standard Switch. So if you want to play with joycons, you buy them as accessory... if you aren't interested in the joycon features, you save that money.

Last edited by Conina - on 04 October 2018