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contestgamer said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Well there's no proof he's innocent either, so there's that.

You know that makes zero sense buddy. Innocent til proven guilty. Otherwise I could accuse you of some made up BS here, point and laugh "haha, theres no proof that you didn't do the BS I just accused you of!"

o_O.Q said:

hang on, you're a woman, suppose this happened to you? wouldn't you want people to take you seriously?

Wrecking a mans life isn't being taken seriously. What would be proper conduct is not going public, but privately going to the police so they can investigate. In this case it's past the statutes, so they woudn't. Well that's too bad, next time don't wait 20 years to come forward. But don't come out with unprovable accusations that can ruin a mans life infornt of 6 billion people.

Puppyroach said:

Where did I claim he was disqualified by being accused? He disqualified himself by his behaviour during the hearing, not by the accusations in itself.


And for the second part, assuming someone is lying is equally as bad as assuming someone is quilty.

What behavior are you referring to? Him raising his voice when facing accusations that can ruin his life isn't out of bounds.

Yes it is for a supreme court judge. He also told bold faced lies during the hearing which is immediately disqualifying.