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How many 3DS games besides Pokemon have sold a million since the Switch came out? A bigger install base means nothing when the vast majority of that base have moved on and are done buying games for it. The PS2 has a bigger install base than the PS4, but do you think if they did a PS2 version of FIFA 19, it would sell more than PS4?

Switch is the successor to both 3DS and Wii U.

Prime Trilogy was a limited, short-printed release, and Hunters was a spinoff nobody asked for.

Your argument falls apart the moment you mentioned PS2, and you only made it worse by mentioning FIFA.

First of all Metroid is a niche core Nintendo exclusive game which sells on average 1m - 1,5m. FIFA is a multiplatform annual sports franchise that sells on average 8m just with the casual market alone. Seriously, if you wanted a game to compare keep it on the 3DS which has received a bunch of spin-offs and remakes of niche/core games last year lol.

PS2 was relevant like 13 years ago are you seriously comparing it to 3DS which is still relevant, still receiving games, still has millions of players active and this is a core game from last year we're talking about not some sports or dance game. No, the 3DS is not booming like Switch but are you suggesting that those 70m users have moved on the Switch and abanoned the 3DS, Cause if that were the case Ninty and most of all third parties would have stopped supporting the 3DS by now. 

Dragon Quest 11 released just last year and has easily surpassed 2m mark on 3DS alone so you were saying... "You can't release major titles on old hardware"... Yeah that doesn't matter at all if there's demand and a dedicated following for it which again Metroid lacks even in it's biggest market NA.

I guess nobody asked for Super Metroid, Prime Trilogy or better yet "a good Metroid game" by your logic.

You missed the point entirely; the differences between FIFA and Metroid are immaterial, the point is, a larger userbase means nothing when that userbase have largely moved on. 

And no, the 3DS is not "still relevant." Let's look at the sales of 3DS games that came out this year, from major IPs no less:

Kirby Battle Royale: 280k

Detective Pikachu: 300k

Captain Toad: 80k

The userbase has jumped ship, it's a dead system. 

Samus Returns failed because it launched on an obsolete platform that gamers were tired of and moving on from, instead of the exciting new platform they were upgrading to and hungry for games for, it's as simple as that.

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