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Anyway, a more realistic take on my first post in this thread (the one where I jested with the 0/5s because they're not Smash Bros):

Hollow Knight 5/5
Golf Story 5/5
Stardew Valley 5/5

I feel these games are all fantastic.


Some more reviews

Torna: The Golden Country - 5/5
Romancing SaGa 2 - 5/5
I am Setsuna - 1.5/5
Shovel Knight 4/5
Paladins 3/5
Fortnite 4/5

Torna: The Golden Country - I got it as part of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion, and it's crazy good, one of the best modern RPG experiences available. It also feels like a bit of a pace throwback to the 16/32 bit era, because things move much more quickly.

Romancing SaGa 2 - while this game has some aesthetic flaws due to being a mobile port, these are all cosmetic. If you are a fan of old RPGs from the NES/SNES/SMS/MD/GB era, as I am, then this game might be the best RPG available on Switch for you, currently. It is a creative take on RPGs with the generation and permadeath mechanics, not too unlike its predecessors in the SaGa/Final Fantasy Legend series - the first one involved climbing the Paradise Tower across worlds, and the second one being tied up in the war of the Magi between the gods and the Guardians trying to manage things... also climbing up the Yggdrasil tree: Final Fantasy Legend 2 even had Odin resurrect you if you died... but you eventually go to Valhalla and kill him and that functionality leaves =P Yes, I love this game, and am glad I finally got to play it over two decades after the first time I should have played it. Again, this is my opinion, some younger players didn't seem to like this one as much and have even liked I am Setsuna better (you sick... FREAKS), but this is my opinion, and it's one of my favourite EShop games, a true gem on the platform.

I am Setsuna - Promised to be a Chrono Trigger inspired throwback, turned out to be a shoddy uninspired feeling ripoff. It takes some of the elements that made Chrono Trigger great, and did a poor job at remaking them... and it left a lot of stuff out of the experience. It is like they just ran down a checklist, and had little to no artistic intent. The game isn't nearly as fun as Chrono Trigger either. The sad thing about it is that people still hail this game as "the second coming of Chrono Trigger" when it falls so very short... all they do is tarnish the reputation of a classic 16-bit era game.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - this game would have been higher last generation, but I find that other games in a similar sort of 8-bit or 16-bit style have really surpassed this one. And while this one does come earlier than those, and is inspiration, it was in turn inspired by games like Ducktales and Legend of Zelda 2 which I also find are still fairly great considering they were nearly three decades earlier.

Paladins - to be fair, there's probably more there, I found it repetitive.

Fortnite - I love the game in theory and when I first began playing - but the fact that cheap easy Macros improve your success in the game a disgusting amount really soured me on the experience - mainly because I don't want to suck at the game against people using Macros, but at the same time I don't like having to rely on Macros to even the playing field... and even though they're against the TOS - people still use them rampantly and they are not enforced at all. So... If you don't mind being at a handicap disadvantage then this game is still good, but I've stopped playing.

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