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CosmicSex said:
My boyfriend is technically poor but he works his ass off to the point where I think he is crazy. So I always take issue with people equating poverty to laziness. It just isn' like that at all. This boy works too much to the point where he isn't getting enough sleep. I keep saying that if he continues like that he is going to hurt his body. In his mind, its all about survival. To him its like, I have to work like this. He doesn't get assistance but he barely makes enough money to pay his bills.

That puts me in a weird situation because on one hand I know what hie is doing isn't healthy but on the other hand, who am I to tell him not to work for what he needs? He needs a better paying job (and just one) because he clearly isn't lazy.

Where are these folks in the conversation about need? Why do we only talk about extreme cases where someone is actually lazy. Its like a whole population is being ignored or packaged in with the very worst of society so we can just ignore them.

You actually hit something on the head that a lot of people seem to forget.  I am not sure about anyone else but I do not know any person who is a immigrant who are just sitting on welfare trying to draw a check.  If anything, most of the people I know work multiple jobs trying to put food on the table and pay basic bills.  As Americans seem to always equate poor with laziness this isn't always the case.  Instead, a lot of people work a lot of low income jobs which this country actually depend on.

This administration demonization of immigrants probably will be a 2 edged sword in later years.  I know for a fact that it has effect a lot of farmers within the state I live and who knows after this administration goes the damage it will cause.