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Mar1217 said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Yes people, I povoct, You povoct, He/She/Me povoct, povoct, povocting, povoctology. 

Anyways being "povocted" is not an excuse and that question should not even be in this equation. Dude's fucking 11. 

Well, I definitely wouldn't exempt the kid if he showed bad behaviors to begin with. (hypothetical)

But, the answer he received was definitely reprehencible.

You don’t threaten someone, even if they’re being immature, insulting or even threatening to you (Don’t sink to their level). Might be a ‘heat of the moment’ kind of thing but you need to control yourself as best you can. Report it, ignore them or just leave. If you can’t talk it out, of course. Easier said than done, but that’s what we should strive for.

x10 if its a freaking kid. Bad behavior or not.

Last edited by Roar_Of_War - on 19 September 2018