John2290 said:
TomaTito said:

It's the Bombing and Bastard combo.

The WiiU didn't care, because it was a bombing bastard already.

Yeah, I see the problem. A bastards tale is the correct use of the word. Bombing bastards could imply a whole slew of things but I don't know much about the game. 

It's a title similar to Bomberman.

Yerm said:
this was years ago... why is this being posted now?

The Switch port was just announced, and they had to revert the title to Busters thanks to Sony.

twintail said:

This happened wktb another game that was posted before this. Stealth Inc I think. 

I'm indifferent on the matter

potato_hamster said:
This isn't news. Stealth Bastard had to change its title when it made the jump to console years ago.

Wow, censorship started with Curve's Stealth Bastard??

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