I totally understand this decision. I went from Xbox360 to eventually PS3 as where I buy multiplatforms, and similar reasons why I chose PS4 over Xbox One at the time as well.

I would most likely do the similar decision as you if I had Xbox One X, as in I would buy multi platform on that device. Add in the fact Microsoft has done good job lately with things I like BC, game pass and policies that don't restrict your accounts to one device. Honestly if they could fix their first party line up to the same levels as Sony/Nintendo. They would be the best out of the three of actual value.

I generally lean towards Sony/Nintendo but I don't dismiss alternatives and honestly having blind brand loyalty like some people is just asinine. It doesn't matter what, phones, consoles. You need to value what you value and make decisions on that metric. 

Last edited by Acevil - on 16 September 2018