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thismeintiel said:

It's weird how someone does all of these graphs and research, yet you still choose to stay completely ignorant to facts.  Yes, the industry was in a HUGE swing  going into the 80's.  Going from a time when movies were slow burns that stayed in the theater for over a year, to having huge openings and being gone within a few months.

For Christ's sake, ANH opened with just $8.5M, and that's adjusted for ticket price inflation.  That would be a pathetic opening for pretty much any film today, especially a blockbuster.  ESB opened with what would be the equivalent of $25M today.  Definitely better, but still a flop for a big blockbuster film.  Add in the fact that movies weren't staying in theaters longer than a year anymore, and the better opening didn't help it much.  Now, look at ROTJ.  It opened with $99.1M, adjusted, back in 1983, just 3 years after ESB.  Even today, 35 years later, that's a great freaking opening for a mid-range blockbuster.  Hell, that's actually what JL was expected to open with.  Now, please explain away those numbers, numbers guy.  No change in the industry?  Please.

Sooo... how does any of that explain your claim that The Empire Strikes Back dropping by the same amount versus A New Hope that Attack of the Clones and The Last Jedi did over their own immediate prequels is just a massive coincidence?