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crissindahouse said:
Just because it's 1. doesn't mean Disney will be happy. Anything else than first place would be a joke for a main Star Wars movie in US with the other movies competing with it.

Sure, after ticket sales Disney probably didn't expect much higher Blu-Ray sales but Disney expected higher ticket and with that also higher Blu-Ray sales before the movie was in cinema, that's for sure.

They may or may not be happy with these numbers - I think Disney would have tempered their expectations accordingly considering that both The Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones made far less at the box office (and home video in the latter's case) than their immediate predecessors, but exactly by how much is the real question.

In any case, I'd imagine Solo's going to be the one they're more immediately concerned about. Even if the vast majority of fans are boycotting the franchise (which I don't believe), going by these Blu-Ray numbers there should still be at least enough casual audience interest for Solo to have made as much as a mid-tier MCU film, and it couldn't even do that.