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BoseDK said:
Shiken said:

Splatoon says hi.

Splatoon is a successful new IP for Nintendo, in a long time, but on the level of Mario/Zelda? I don't think so.

I'm talking about the fact that Sony's studios are able to make things more successful than their last time and again.

Naughty Dog under Sony went from Jak to Uncharted and followed it up with The Last of Us, each bigger than the last.

Guerrilla Games went from Killzone to Horizon Zero Dawn. Suckerpunch went from Sly Cooper to Infamous to. Ghost of Tsushima.

Nintendo has basically been surviving on the few IPs that put them on the map 2-3 decades ago and have failed to recapture the lightning again since then. Maybe they just don't have the talent anymore or are too scared to invest big money into new IPs, either way they would be nothing without Mario/Zelda/Pokemon. While you can take every IP Sony has and they it wouldn't hurt them any all as they'll make new IPs that are bigger than anything they had.


pokoko said: 
Shiken said: 

What I find funny is that you said in your previous reply is that Nintendo would be able to make games of quality, but you question if they would sell without being known IPs in your first reply.  Then you go on to say that Sony would be fine without known IPs because of their quality...


So what is the difference?  It seems to me that their is bias in your statement as the only argument you have is pretty much that Playstation is Playstation and Nintendo is Nintendo.  You literally contradicted your own point.

Except that you forget that the Splatoon IP is a huge hit, Xenoblade continues to gain traction, and ARMs was far more successful than many like to give it credit for.  They have already proven they can do it.


You do not think that they could not make a similar game to Mario or Zelda in a different setting with a unique plot and cast while having it sell?  If Mario and Zelda did not exist, other new IPs of similar style would take their place. Quality sells games, all they have to do is show that quality.  Otherwise Horizon Zero Dawn would have flopped.


To believe anything else is to fool yourself into believing what you want to believe, rather than what is true.

Hold on a second.  If you're not going to get what I said right then don't paraphrase me at all.  

The argument is pretty simple.  Playstation does not lean as heavily on past IP as Xbox and Nintendo.  This is an observable pattern of behavior and they've proven to be successful at it.  Nintendo, on the other hand, builds and maintains their oldest IP indefinitely.  That is also an observable pattern of behavior.

Now, you're seriously telling me that if Nintendo dropped Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Pokemon, it wouldn't have an impact on their brand?  That it wouldn't affect sales?

I think the one trying to fool themselves into believing what they want to believe is you.

This and that, make sense to me.

Splatoon is more an exception to the rule. It's a new successful IP after years of Smash/Zelda/Pokemon/Mario.

I also think that people underestimate Pokemon. It's the true mega monster system seller. You kill Pokemon and Nintendo loses half of its fortune overnight. And Pokemon is basically the same thing every generation. 

God bless You.

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