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Cyran said:
A lesson I learned is after any important phone conversation to send a email afterward with a recap of what was discuss and asking for confirmation that it accuracy reflects what was discuss. It might not have changed anything but at least when it goes to a arbitrator you would have written evidence of all the conversations you mention in your post.

This would be normal for me to do at work, always having written evidence just in case, but I haven't really worried about it in my personal life as getting screwed over like this is really rare, especially when it comes to businesses that operate out of this area. It is very handshake friendly because if you screw someone over, it will spread fast and you will lose business. I've had a couple friends and a few extended family members who switched already because of this, so they've already lost more than they will gain from my payment.

Now I do have some emails with some of the situation as evidence, more so the important things, which was enough that when I talked to the first Gov service, that lawyer told me they felt morally I was clearly in the right based on my evidence, and I just might win in court if I went after them for misinformation, but that legally no matter what I did otherwise, I would lose. Court also costs the same as what I owe, plus more time, so it's not really a worthy cause, especially if I happened to lose. The insurance company policies allow them to only give me partial information about the insurance policy, and if I don't go out of my way to ask for the rest, even though I don't know the rest exists, it doesn't matter what information they give me, verbally or physically, that with the full legal policy backing them, which it does, I'm screwed. This is ridiculous.

Unfortunately that first Gov service couldn't help me based on my type of insurance, so I had to try a couple more to finally find one that could 'help'. Unfortunately, the best they can do is try to understand the case from both sides, and if it's found that I am in the right, the Gov service will punish the insurance company. They wouldn't tell me what the punishment was exactly, and said it usually takes a really long time and that typically just angers the insurance companies, so they will likely disagree to let me off the hook, so I would still have to pay regardless.

Since that sounds like it's probably a big waste of my time, on top of the time wasted already, I've decided to just pay it and learn a fairly cheap lesson. I am however going to pay the total amount in small coins to show them my disgust with the whole situation.

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 06 September 2018