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HandofPrometheus said:
spurgeonryan said:

You can get it on digital right now! I almost pulled the trigger but it is 21 dollars. I will wait for DVD and get it for 15 at Walmart.


Last two movie I saw were Jurrasic world 2 and MI 6. Very enjoyable movies

.I was too hyped more MI6, but still had a good time

I'm hearing MI 6 is the best one in the franchise. Haven't seen JW 2 yet.

I saw it and can confirm. MI:Fallout was simply amazing, and I didn't think RN could be topped.

Anyways, I watched the pilot episode of The Purge TV series last night, and I didn't think it was all that great. It was pretty formulaic from the movies, which weren't very good IMO (the second was alright), it's a shame because the series has a very intriguing concept. A series where all crime, including murder is legal for 12 hours, how do you fuck THAT up? I swear, this has got to be the most wasted concept in the history of film/TV. None of the stories in this really clicked, either. 

I'll continue watching, but I don't have high hopes moving forward.