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peachbuggy said:
Slownenberg said:

no way. ps4 has a 2 million sale lead. Switch is not gonna sell 2 mil + whatever PS4 sells rest of the year.

I haven't done the maths but i expect a few holiday weeks this year at 400k+ on or around Pokemon and Smash releases. Also a larger baseline post-Smash until at least the end of Q4.

I expect some big weeks too, I think Switch broke 300k once last holidays and had a few weeks over 200k, would be surprised to see a 400k week on Smash launch and maybe a couple other 300k weeks. But still I don't think any way it beats ps4 this year. I expect it'll still be like 500k away. But we'll see! Will be fun to watch Switch start eating up the gap come November and December!