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Here is the week 36 update in terms of the two big consoles in Japan's path to be able to reach the commonly stated (in these sales threads) estimates for 2018 sales (2 mil for PS4, 4 mil for Switch) .

  TWS GD YTD AWN (Change)
PS4 19,723 -29,068 1,190,270 50,608 (+1817)
Switch 43,513 -94,267 1,701,243 143,672 (+5892)

TWS - This week's sales
GD - Goal differential, the difference between the average week needed from last week compared to this week's sales
YTD - Units sold in 2018 so far including this week's sales
AWN - Average weekly sales needed to reach the estimate for the console.

PS4 AWN reaches 50k. Despite excellent performance by Spider-man it does not seem to be selling consoles. Switch is coasting for now, AWN approaching 150k

Last edited by Megiddo - on 12 September 2018