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curl-6 said:
Miyamotoo said:

Because thats size of image of game and totally makes sense in order to fit on 32GB cart, but there is additional download of around 5GB, that means that game takes around 37GB.

So then why doesn't the eshop, which is where you buy digital games in their entirety, not on a cart, say 31.5GB if the digital version is 37GB?

Is it usual for the eshop to give inaccurate listings?

think there is a misunderstanding here, the 5GB required on the internal storage is the save file required for the game. It's not uncommon for some games to have large files, I'm guessing the roster / stats / teams etc are all saved in this 5GB it's not an extra download but it is required to have the 5GB on the internal storage as that's the only place where game saves can be stored.

Minecraft was the largest save file I had to date, it comes in at 2GB per user save data, so if you play 4 player local on a Switch you'll need 4 accounts... and 8GB of storage space just for the items and inventory of the other players to join your worlds on the system.

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