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Lonely_Dolphin said:
After Hollow Knight quickly became my second favorite Switch game I really need to get a Micro SD card and start researching more Indies! Oh, and obligatory Wargroove when.

do take a look at the branding of your micro SD, basically you wanna make sure that it's a known manufacturer if you don't have much exp with them, don't be buying a €10 200+GB Sancard one from amazon

If you're reading that and thinking .... surely he means Sandisk, no there are knock offs which have very similar names to real SD card makers and they're all over Amazon and they're all absolutely junk.

Please note, this link, is to absolute trash! Just linking it for lol's


This link underneath btw is the one I'm using, really great speed and seems to be reliable from all the reviews and my experiences with it so far it seems on par with the built in system memory which some videos from digital foundry suggest is faster than most SD cards.

saying that.....

I'll need to be looking at a larger card, or else migrating some of my games onto the older 128GB card I used to use, I'm thinking of just bringing across the huge games like Doom and then I can fit tons more titles on the main card I use.

Still guess 50gb is okay with almost everything installed from my library of games (don't have the WWE game fully installed as that takes up 17GB of storage space and is horrific)

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