Tulipanzo said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Sigh... their involvement in WWII is not reflective of what we will be seeing in this game. The trailer in general looked more like a superhero movie though.

You ignored my main points though. If they're making conscious decisions to put women, minorities, and whatever else in the forefront of their game to be more inclusive. I'm fine with that and SJWs have been begging* for this (begging = calling developers bigots). I don't think its a coincidence we're seeing this happen, again I just don't really care.

I don't buy your bullshit about "power fantasy." Games with women have been successful. Such as Tomb Raider, Hellblade, Metroid, Resident Evil, various FF games, etc. However, I do think people are responding negatively when developers APPEAR to be pandering or giving into SJWs.

As I've said before, AAA games are designed by teams of people and cater to certain ideals. I'm not sure what the solution is, its evident making everybody happy isn't viable. But I don't personally care, I'll keep playing games if they're good. People say the last Mass Effect was a failure for SJW reasons, but I mostly recall the game being attacked for simply being shit. Meanwhile I also recall a GameSpot review for being critical of GTAV's misogyny, but the best thing GTA can do is not cater to SJWs.

 "I'm fine with that and SJWs have been begging* for this (begging = calling developers bigots)" [citation needed]

Your problem with citing other games with women as successful as some sort of proof is that it fundamentally misunderstands how these outrages come to be.
Chiefly, they require a narrative of some sort of ill-defined threat coming to get what's yours.
"Some game has a woman in it" isn't newsworthy. However "YOUR game now has a woman in it" will make waves.
Then you come up with a convenient excuse, and mask your view as that of "the fanbase". Which is were you see the holes in the explanation.
For example, "Tomb Raider continues to have a woman protagonist", nothing. "Shadow of the TB's Lara appears more muscular", now you got something.
(Beside, googling any of those titles+ sjws will give you plenty of results...)

"The trailer looked more like a superhero movie in general"
A quick glance at the reveal trailers for the last few games shows plentiful explosions, high-octane action, guy in armor shooting a machine gun, exploding helicopters, the works.
If anything, the BF5 one is more subdued than usual.
Regardless, if you don't like the tone... EA didn't even mention you. Why make up a conspiracy theory as to why a game has a tone you don't like?

You do inadvertently show that these outrages are all based on "appearances", i.e. not what's actually happening, but fail to realize that anything can be shown to be about "the enemy" if you don't define who you're actually up against. The possibility that these devs just want to have women because a) they were there and b) they like being inclusive is completely ignored. It's just "pandering" to the " sjws". 
One 9/10 review mentioning misogyny becomes comparable to countless people complaining about a woman in the marketing.
It's a total lack of prospective that allows you to claim you just care about games being good, while also mindlessly parroting the same points as every other "anti-sjws".

SJW types have been critical of developers for years, sexism in games, whatever. In one hand you got people saying this is bad for society, in the other we want developers to be able to create whatever they want. I think its pretty evident SJW ideals is changing entertainment in general, I have mixed feelings about this and there is certainly irony.

I agree, people don't like seeing their favorite IPs or developers seemingly make changes to appease certain groups. In the case of BFV, essentially rewrite history of how women were involved. It certainly seems developers are making decisions to appease certain groups, again I notice these things but just shrug to it.

I'm not sure which BFV trailer you watched, but the one I saw looked like it was inspired by Resident Evil 6. Its just bonkers, no longer grounded and very inspired by modern action entertainment. Virtually the opposite direction of CoD:WWII. Don't confuse this with me being offended or something, but it looked silly and fun. Not sure if that's the tone fans are looking for though.

You think it was inadvertent? Haha! I fucking bolded and capitalized the word "APPEAR." Wow, you're a regular Sherlock. I'm really saying I don't take all gripes as valid.

I gave one example of GTAV being attacked for misogyny by a major website. You know its not the only one. Use the Google machine.

Its funny, I'm telling you I can enjoy media even if my SJW senses tingle, I feel that makes me pretty reasonable. I'm not the guy saying I avoid that stuff. But you seem to be upset at me for not thinking exactly the way you want.

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