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Mnementh said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:
I finished West of loathing and Inside lately. Great games. West of loathing was pretty funny and fun. Inside was weird but great.

I'm starting into the breach today.

I shy away from West of Loathing because it looks kinda cheap. But you're not the first one saying it is good. Is it just funny? Or is the gameplay interesting too? How much can I expect to play?

That's Loathing for you.

Visuals are pretty cheap, but that's also true for the Browsergame. However, both are very deep and will make you think and laugh at the same time

Mnementh said: 
Mar1217 said: 
You reminded me to check out my wish list on the Eshop to look at which games I was waiting for next ...

I actually already reached my limit of games on the wishlist (200). But I'm quite liberal to put things on the wishlist, it is just enough with: deserves a second look. But reaching the limit was incentive to look through the list and remove stuff that does not hold up against other things. And games I already bought (why does the eshop not remove wishlist items I bought over the eshop? It list in the wishlist the game as bought, could as well have removed it).

I didn't know there would be a limit. Thankfully, I'm still below 100, but getting closer to that each week

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