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First, let me say that this is an EXCELLENT thread idea! Most of the games I play these days are indies, and the Switch has fast become my favorite platform to enjoy them on this year. Here are a few of my top recommendations:


As far as I'm concerned, this is the best game available for the Switch bar none. It's a simple-to-learn, virtually-impossible-to-truly-master 2D platforming game that controls with extreme precision. But that's just the beginning! Celeste is also a beautiful, and genuinely moving, story about navigating depression and anxiety that really hits home for me. The story bits are not forced in or intrusive (in fact, you can opt out of them), but are placed in locations that make them feel like truly natural occurrences in a way that most games don't pull off as well.

Something that really makes Celeste stand out to me is its avoidance of enemies. Without spoiling key plot details, Madeline confronts only two enemies in the entire game, one of whom is sort of herself. In other words, the platforming-based nature of the challenge on offer here is real. The levels are designed so well that they don't need to throw in enemies to combat or avoid to make naturally easy areas only superficially challenging. If it gets too impossible for ya (and it may!), no worries: there's a built-in cheat menu if you feel the need. But I don't recommend taking advantage of that option if you can avoid it. The story is more effective if you truly earn your way through.

There are eight main stages to complete, which will probably take you about an hour each on your first playthrough (mercifully, you get infinite lives and the game saves your progress every time you move to a new room), beyond which there are unlockable alternative versions of each stage that you can play through as well, and the (very mercifully) optional strawberries to collect that enable earn you the best friggin' strawberry pie in history.

Lots of fun retro vibes and one of the more beautiful soundtracks in gaming to be had here too!

Night in the Woods

I will strongly echo Ganoncrotch on this one and, running low on time right now, refer you to his comments on page 1!


This is my latest acquisition. Coming on the heels of revisiting the awesomeness that is Metal Slug 4, I felt in the mood for another action game and this Mega Man X-inspired title satisfied. It's not a straightforward rip-off of the Mega Man formula though. Instead, it's a roguelite where you have a base where you store upgrades, and the game uses procedural generation to ensure that each play is distinctive, and though you may notice some minor repetition after enough play, it does a very good job of it overall. It also offers two-player co-op play, though I haven't yet had occasion to take advantage of it. Anyway, highly recommended, especially to fans of the Mega Man X games who are looking for a new spin on that general type of action-platformer!

There are lots of other titles I'd love to recommend, but I'll just start there.

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