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vivster said:

The best indie games I played recently are all already on the Switch. Rocket League, Stardew Valley and Battle Chasers are really great games I can recommend.

There are 2 amazing indies that for some reason are not yet on the Switch.


Slime Rancher

I remember you've mentioned Ziggurat before, but I thought Slime Rancher was being ported!?!
... apparently not:

PS: I would not go to the cafes either, but it's going to be cold in Korea, so I looked for stepping stone stops to keep warm.
Be sure to give a heads up when you posts that Japan thread.

Ganoncrotch said:

It's worth the 99c that it costs right now, but seriously what isn't worth 99c? that's 1/5th the price of a Costa Coffee.

The Nindie coffee here is only 50c, we want it to be the place to be and bring in as many clients as possible.

Thanks for that recommendation and warning, with images to boot, think you got the hang of this Cafe

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