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Mr Puggsly said:
LudicrousSpeed said:


Actually, assuming this is exclusive to the US, it’s pretty radically different than most finance deals we have here. It’s not typical to lease to own and not pay substantial, often downright laughable premiums on the MSRP for the convenience of leasing. For example numerous prepaid phone companies will let you pay off a brand new top of the line phone. But instead of paying off the $800 retail price of an iPhone, you’ll end up paying like $1400 over two years, not counting service. There are numerous businesses who will rent you furniture, appliances, electronics, etc, but you end up paying at least 50% more than retail. A lot of it is just taking advantage of people without much disposable income.

With this you actually save money versus the MSRP. So it is a good deal versus paying upfront if you don’t have disposable income, and it’s an amazing deal compared to other financing/leasing options we have in the US.

Fingerhut leases the S for $400 and the Scorpio for $700.

Rent A Center leases the S for $700 and the Scorpio for $1080.

Aarons leases the Scorpio for, no joke, almost $1800.

Conn’s are nice enough to lease you an S for $700, or a Scorpio for a cool grand. But the Scorpio does come with CoD WW2. 

These are the most popular leasing chains I know of in the US. And these prices don’t include two years of GamePass and Gold, which add $360 to the cost. You save $20 on the Scorpio and services here, and $60 on the S. You can argue how popular it will be all you want, but it’s clearly a good deal for the type of service it is.

Bingo, you made a much better response than I would have.

Errorist76 showed he's completely oblivious to how much of a ripoff finance deals generally are. With this deal MS is simply increasing their revenue by bundling in subscription services, which are actually good services.

I personally won't get in on this deal. But if they did next gen around launch, I would certainly consider it. Especially if it would save me a little money and soften the blow of upfront cost.

I’m from Germany. Here we get 0% finance deals in electronic stores. I assumed you get similar offers in the US considering your deals are usually much better than ours in Europe.