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endimion said:
Bandorr said:
Interesting. Game pass is around $10 a month. xblive around $60 a year.
So both is around $180 for both.

If gamepass automatically included Xbox live that would be an interesting bundling.

Who pays live 60 bucks? I have never paid more than 40 in more than a decade... You can probably find deals for game pass too...




I could see the bundle around120 on discount which is decent. maybe 150$  full price(14.99/month)which pretty cool

The last couple of years, I've not been able to find live deals for less than about $48, then I turn on autopay to get a 13th month free (which I immediately turn back off).  I used to see $40 pretty regularly on Ebay, but I just can't find that anymore.  I remember MS used to offer a steep discount right as your subscription was about to expire, if you hadn't already renewed.  But, I tried that a year or so ago and the offer never came.   

As for Gamepass deals, I've seen 6 months for $30, but I haven't seen that in a while now.  I know MS is running $15 for 3 months right now though.  In general though, it seems to me that MS has tightened up a bit on the deals.  

I'm not, nor have I ever been a Gamepass subscriber.  I've been on the fence several times though, and will probably take the plunge for a few months at some point.  But, if MS were to bundle Live and Gamepass together, and sell a year for $125ish (paid in full, upfront maybe), I'd probably bite.  That would make sense for MS, and it would make sense for me.  

If they don't offer an annual bundle, for example, I'll probably buy a year of live for $50 or so, and subscribe to Gamepass for a few months, which will get them another $45 at most.  So, you're looking at maybe $95 from me, minus whatever cut the (likely) third-party vendor gets when I buy live from them.  MS would be in a much better spot to get $125 from me, and keep all of it.  And, I'd be happy to get a full year of Gamepass.  

Note that there is roughly zero chance that I will ever pay for a MS first-party game outside of Gamepass ever again, unless it is something that I pick up well after release when it is available for next to nothing, if I don't subscribe to Gamepass at the time.  

Finally, if I were MS, whether or not they do anything between now and then, I'd certainly push bundles super hard around the release of Halo 6.