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Several sites have gone hands-on with the Vehicle Kit, and posted impressions

- More of a "full fledged video game" than the Variety and Robot Kits.

- Set in an open world with 10 themed "zones" each with 8 or so challenges/quests.

- Quests include things like reuniting a Loch Ness Monster with its baby, or flying over a skyscraper as the plane then transforming into the car and landing on the roof. 

- One author found it reminiscent of Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Wii Sports Resort, and Pilot Wings.

- There's multiplayer Battle Mode and Race Mode

- There's a spraypaint can Toycon that you can use to paint your vehicle using gyro/IR.

Gamexplain also has a video on it:

In addition, Nintendo has reported that Labo shipped 1.39 million between launch and the end of June:

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