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There's been leaks of Microsoft offering a All Access program for there Xbox online.

All Access is rumoured to merge both Live and GamePass together and will include S or X consoles for a discounted fee over a yearly subscription model, similar to a mobile phone plan. This will cut the upfront cost of a console and grant access to 100s of games on day one.

This is just a rumour so far and the details can change. 


*Xbox All Access subscription plan that will give gamers an easy way to experience all that the Xbox One has to offer without spending a fortune up front

*Microsoft will bundle either an Xbox One X or Xbox One S console with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for a monthly fee.

*Xbox All Access will initially only be available in the United States

*Customers will be able to pay around $22 per month and net themselves an Xbox One S, Xbox Live, and Xbox Game Pass for two years. Around $35 will net them an Xbox One X.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 24 August 2018