Miyamotoo said:
Mnementh said:
Nice. The good support of THQ Nordic keeps continuing. I personally wish they would bring over Darksiders (both and the new one too if possible).

This game will definitely make Switch lineup more diverse, Darksiders 1/2 were available even on Wii U, but I would love Darksiders 3 on Switch.

Aye the fact that they exist on WiiU probably means porting them to the Switch would be a pretty straight forward affair mostly related to licensing agreements for music, voice and art work more so than the actual coding portion of porting the game.


Great games though, very adult Zelda clones, I'm sure they would do well on the Switch.... but that said, I recently picked up both on the PS4 for literally change, think the second game was something crazy like €2.79, would be a hard sell if they bought them to Switch at 60 each,

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