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zorg1000 said:
Mnementh said:

Well, it is Sony's fault. They showed the japanese customer that they aren't a priority for PS4. They released later and focused on western games. Only this year they started to focus to Japan, with Monster Hunter World. But the effect of that game has worn off, now Sony must put more effort in it to keep the japanese gamers.

Eh, PS4 has had the backing of pretty much every major Japanese publisher, it basically only lacks Yokai Watch in terms of big Japanese IP.

Well, they had to choose between the PS4, a dying and worldwide unsuccessful Wii U and the in Japan dead-on-arrival Xbox ONE. For Japanese developers who wanted to create home console games for the Japanese market, the question was less "who's the best one?" and more like "which one sucks the least?".

With the Switch being both a handheld and a home console and on top of that very successful both in and outside of Japan, I'm pretty sure that the Japanese developers are slowly Switching to Nintendo right now, unless the game is too demanding for the Switch.